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  • 執筆者の写真Japan IVO

Welcome Dinner for the 7th International IVO training program

初日の夜には、恒例のWelcome Dinnerを順天堂からほど近い和食レストランで行いました。今回は6 カ国から20 名のドクターが参加しました。


明日から本格的に始まる International IVO Training Programへ向けて有意義な時間を過ごすことができました。

As usual, on the evening of the first day of the training program, we held a welcome dinner for the participants in a Japanese restaurant close to Juntendo. 20 doctors from 6 countries were present.

For the participants, it was the opportunity to exchange (about their expectations for the program,  about their impression of Tokyo), to get to know each others , and to enjoy typical Japanese food in an authentic atmosphere. The main objective of the training program might be the transmission of knowledge and techniques, but another important objective is to facilitate exchanges between doctors equally interested in minimally invasive treatment.

In this sense, this was a very fruitful evening, presaging of an even more fruitful Training Program to come.

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