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We welcome foreign doctors as graduate students in our department

Dr. Amina Bulatihan visited Japan to take the entrance exam for Juntendo University Graduate School of Medicine.

She graduated from Fudan University in Shanghai, got the master’s degree in global public health and policy in Queen Mary University of London, and now works at Nazarbayev University in Astana, Kazakhstan.

It was January 9th when she finally got a visa. She flew from Astana to Tokyo with four flights, which took 32 hours in total. She arrived at 7:05 in the morning and took the examination in the afternoon on January 11th.

She wants to be a graduate student in our department. Thus, Prof. Shiina, Dr. Sato, a graduate student, and Dr. Endo, a new member of our department since January, had a welcome party for her.

“It is very warm in Tokyo”, she said. It is 35 degrees below zero in Kazakhstan now. Amina is a fan of manga Doraemon, manga Crayon Shin-chan, and an actress Satomi Ishihara. She will stay in Japan for a week this time.

The application result will be announced on February 16th. If she passes the examination, she will be a graduate student to study minimally invasive therapies. She will also study hard for the Japanese National Examination for Medical Practitioners.

She won the second prizes in a model contest. She plays the drum in a music band.

The Department of Diagnostic Imaging and Interventional Oncology, Juntendo University welcome foreign doctors as graduate students.

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