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The 4th International RFA training program 2日目

4th International RFA training program2日目の本日からRFAのlive demonstrationsがスタートしました。今回は5日間で計12例のlive demonstrationsを予定しています(第1回は7日間で15例、第2回は3日間で6例、第3回は5日で12例のlive demonstrationsを実施しました)。



Live demonstrations started today, on the second day of the 4th International RFA training program. This time, a total of 12 live demonstrations are planned for 5 days.

The group gathered at 8:15 in the morning, and everyone went on a tour wearing Juntendo scrubs. At the end of each case, we moved to the waiting room and the students discussed with Professor Shiina.

After the RFA of the two cases, students observed a digestive medicine conference in the afternoon and accompanied the professor round in the afternoon.



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