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The 13th Domestic Training Program Officially Begins! 

The 13th Domestic IVO Training Program started today at 2:00 PM.

It has been exactly 6 years since the first Training Program in 2013, June 14th (RFA Training Program at that time) . We are proud of its continuous success and growing popularity.

This time, 20 doctors enrolled to the program.

As usual, the participants were first given a warm welcome by Prof. Shiina, opening the program with a course introduction. After explaining the program’s objectives, he gave an overview of the planned activities of the entire 2-day program.

Then, a pre-test was done- in English- to measure each participant’s present knowledge on IVO and determine which topics should be focused on.

After that, a series of lectures (“Principles of Ablation”  , “Fusion Technologies”,  “The role of nurses in RFA and MWA” “Indications and complications of IVO (RFA & MWA)” [by Dr.Taniki from Keio University]) gave the participants a precise idea of the techniques and practical know-how of RFA and MWA ablation.

Following a short energy break which allowed the participants to refresh their mind, everyone moved to the IVO room to perform the planning of the IVO cases scheduled for the next day.

Cases were presented and participants were given a chance to locate the target tumor through ultrasound and to contribute their suggestions for the final plan of each case.

Many questions were already raised during the first day, showing the deep interest the participants have for the field of ablation. Extensive discussions like these would surely make the program a big learning experience for everyone.

A live demonstration of 3 cases (1 RFA, 2 new-generation microwave ablation) will be held tomorrow from 8:30 am .

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