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Testimonial from Dr. Yixue Zhao

1月21日から2月1日まで短期研修生として滞在したChina Medical University のYixue Zhao先生からTestimonialが送られてきましたのでそのまま掲載致します。

It’s a great honor to have an clinical observership at Department of Gastroenterological Imaging and Interventional Oncology in juntendo university. Prof.Shiina and all the staff are really professional and friendly which never refuse to answer my question about the operation procedure. The harmonious atmosphere in the department not only guarantees good teamwork, but also provides me a pleasant experience here. Prof. Shiina clearly and patiently explained the indications of MVA and RFA and introduced the innovations they primarily invented which play a significant role in ablation procedures. We are also scheduled to watch gastroscopy in endoscopy unit and HAIC in vascular unit where Dr. Nagamatsu explained the procedure he performed in detail . Two weeks’ observership is never enough for mastering a technique to treat cancer, but an indispensable chance to learn about the advanced technique as a personal experience. Hope to see Prof. Shiina and other staff again in China and hope to see more achievements in this area!  At the end of this statement, l’d like to express my appreciation to all the staff in this department who helped me a lot to be familiar with the ablation procedures and their help will encourage me to be more industrious on my study and on my work.

Yixue Zhao From China Medical University


赵伊雪 中国医科大学

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