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Testimonial from Dr. Tongluk Teerasarntipan for the 3-day observership

2月19日(水)から21日(金)まで、3-day observershipに参加したタイのTongluk Teerasarntipan先生からTestimonialが送られてきましたので、そのまま掲載致します。

I had a great opportunity to spend a 3-days clinical observeship in IVO unit of the Jutendo university. Although the period was short, I got so many knowledge as they prepared various cases requiring different techniques. Because we were a small group of 4 doctors, we could ask as so many questions and could discuss directly with Professor Shiina. He was so kind to us and tried his best to answer our questions. Apart from knowledge, Professor Shiina inspired me a lot in the field of liver tumor ablation. With the specially designed equipment, his amazing skills and his wonderful colleagues, Professor Shiina and his team could ablate manty difficult and challenging lesions and got a great success. Not only academic activities, I recieved a warm welcoming dinner from the IVO team, which was really fun. After finishing the short course, I had a short excursion to Matsumoto and Takayama. Japan has a lot of beautiful place to explore.

Many thanks to Professor Shiina and his team. I wish to visit the IVO unit and Jutendo university again!

Dr.Tongluk Teerasarntipan Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand



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