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  • 執筆者の写真Japan IVO

Testimonial from Dr. Suphitcha Pantarote (スピッチャ先生より)

As a clinical observer in Juntendo university’s department of gastroenterological imaging and interventional oncology, i felt very fortunate to be able to observe in this RFA team which is one of the best team in Japan. Not only RFA that i got to observe, but also TACE, ward round, and conference which are very interesting and share some differences and similarities with Thai practice. First, I’d like to thank Professor Shiina especially for teaching us so many interesting things from the patient’s disease, how to manage liver cancer, RFA equipment and technique, and more . Shiina sensei is very kind, gentle, and open-minded. We felt welcomed while in the observationship program and learned so many things. I also would like to thank Dr. Sato and Dr. Takawa for mentoring us through out the program. They have been very informative about everything we need to know while there and they also taught us while doing some precedure and are open to any questions we might have. And they are very funny too. And i’d like to thank Dr. Kanazawa for letting us observe TACE procedure and teaching us about it which we found very interesting. Lastly i’d like to thank all of the staff member in this department. Everyone in here is very welcoming, friendly, and generous. This make my observationship even more memorable. After these past 2 weeks in this department we gain a lot of experiences, knowledges, and friendships thanks to Juntendo university observatiobship program. We are very glad to have chosen this program and this department. Thank you so much!




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