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Testimonial from Dr. Shi Haiyuan for the 3-day observership

2月19日(水)から21日(金)まで、3-day observershipに参加したシンガポールのShi Haiyuan先生からTestimonialが送られてきましたので、そのまま掲載致します。

Prof. Shiina is internationally recognised as one of, if not, the best in the field of liver tumour thermal ablation. During the 3-day observership, I was fortunate enough to observe him tackle a variety of extremely difficult cases. Additionally, I found that a big part of his success came from a well-trained team of technicians and nurses, a thorough and fuss-free workflow, augmented by well-designed tools (i.e. adjustable procedural table and specially designed sonographic probe). Although it was a short observership, I have learnt a great deal. I am confident that my practice will improve as a result of this.

Shi Haiyuan Changi General Hospital Singapore



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