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Testimonial from Dr. Reham Abdelmohsen Esmail Lasheen

Ain Shams UniversityのReham Abdelmohsen Esmail Lasheen先生からTestimonialが送られてきましたのでそのまま掲載致します。

Dear Gastroenterology imaging and interventional oncology team,

Today is my last day at Juntendo and it is not quite settling well with me. To say the least, I have had the most wonderful learning experience in your RFA operation room.

For the team , all the doctors and everyone who would always welcome us warmly and guide us kindly, especially Dr. Sato, who would brief us on every case before we start and answer to our questions, thank you very much for your guidance, it was truly appreciated.

Also Dr Nagamatsu, from whom I have learnt different approaches to certain cases of HCC , even though it was hard to explain, you have never failed to explain it in a simple way.

Last but not least, The very most Dr Shiina, who was always looking after us, asking us questions and giving us a detailed insight into each case, treatment methods and the various technicalities used, being the amazing doctor that he is –and also the kindest –I have certainly felt honored to be under his mentorship, even though it was for a very short time. As I am quite sure, that his knowledge and experience, are as vast as the sea that one will need to work very hard to just fall shy off his level of skills.

Everyone was certainly very welcoming & kind. I would be more glad to have you if you ever come to Egypt ! Please make sure to contact me then. See you again.

Best regards,

Reham Lasheen Aug.018

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