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Testimonial from Dr. Ramon S. Santos-Ocampo, Philippines

2nd international RFA training programに参加したSantos-Ocampo先生からメールが届きましたので掲載します。

Dear Professor Shiina,

The course is excellent even for those with previous experience with ablation. After doing ablation for several years, a lot of questions have been forming in my mind. At the course, I had the opportunity to ask them and got answers from Professor Shiina and from my colleagues who attended the course. I was able to get the perspective from hepatologists from Taiwan, Indonesia and Brazil. At the same time, we had experts from Covidien and GE who happened to be there for the course and I was able to get more information regarding RFA and Microwave ablation. Professor Shiina has an ideal set-up with an efficient staff and two high-end ultrasound machines using a probe and table that he designed. I would recommend that anyone who wants to attend a Master Class in Radiofrequency Ablation, should attend his course instead.


Dr. Ramon S. Santos-Ocampo Interventional Radiologist

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