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Testimonial from Dr. Niyaz Malayev(ニアズ マラーエフ先生)

順天堂大学画像診断・治療学で11月7日から11月21日まで短期研修を行った KazakhstanのDr. Niyaz Malayev(ニアズ マラーエフ先生)からtestimonial が届きましたので掲載します。

Dear Professor Shiina and associates of Juntendo University,

It gives me a great pleasure to write the testimonial for your RFA blog page, on behalf of doctors of our center and our city  and from me personally.

During my two week stay I was able to observe the work of one of the busiest RFA centers in the world, with more than 600 procedures every year. It has been a very fruitful two-week full of intensive discussions and live demonstration of Radiofrequency Ablation procedures.

It was a great opportunity to see the cases. Because our clinic and I stand at the origins of this method and in 2016 we have introduced and have carried out only 15 cases. I have learnt a lot about the techniques, usage of artificial ascites, incorporation of the Fusion imaging & Contrast enhanced USG for guidance of poorly visible lesions for RFA. Professor Shiina your professional spirit and the state-of-art techniques in the field of RFA is very impressive to me during my observership course in Juntendo hospital. I think that I have found the good friend in your person.vThe gastroenterology department doctors were also helpful in explaining about each patients before the start of the procedure. The para medical staffs were all friendly and helpful.

Thank you very much for your hospitality during my stay in your institution. I hope to see you soon in the upcoming conferences; I also hope you could come to Kazakhstan, in Astana and visit our hospital in the near future.

See you in future.

Best Regards, 

Niyaz Malayev M.S.,MBA.

 Astana, Republic of Kazakhstan

“National Research Center of Oncology and Transplantation”




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