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  • 執筆者の写真Japan IVO

Testimonial from Dr. Moe Zaw Maung for the 3-day observership

2月19日(水)から21日(金)まで、3-day observershipに参加したミャンマーのMoe Zaw Maung先生からTestimonialが送られてきましたので、そのまま掲載致します。

At first, when the 5 days training program changed to 3 days observership because of COVID-19, I was reluctant to take a risk. Is it worth it? But after the 3 days observership, I can surely say it’s really great. Prof. Shiina is a God in IVO. I saw him performing things which seem impossible to possible very professionally. He showed the observers live demonstrations patiently and at the same time answered our questions thoroughly. We, 4 observers, are very lucky to have a great time with Juntendo University IVO team. During my stay in Tokyo, I visited to Tokyo Dome, Meiji Shrine, Hachiko memorial statute and anime world in Akihabara.

Dr. Moe Zaw Maung Hepatologist Department of Hepatology University of Medicine- Mandalay Myanmar



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