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Testimonial from Dr. Kemal Fariz Kalista for the 6th IVO training program

March 13th: 2nd day of the training program

This is the second day I attend 6th international RFA and MWA training program at Juntendo hospital with Prof. Shuichiro Shiina. Twenty doctors from 7 country in Asia (Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, South Korea, Taiwan and Hong-Kong) are attending this program. The participant doctors are gastroenterohepatologists and interventional radiologists. On the first day there was a dinner for all of us, Prof. Shiina with all the staff welcome us with their kindness and hospitality. During 2 days I’ve been here, I observe there is no simple case, all the cases are complicated, difficult to reach location, very small size tumor, peripheral location is an example how complicated the cases is. And also in many cases, I saw Juntendo Hospital is the referral from other hospital who can not handle the difficult RFA cases. Despite facing many difficult cases, Prof. Shiina’s team has very good support system, good staff, high grade US machine, dedicated bed, etc. This training program provides us important knowledge about RFA/MWA with hands on and lecture session. Also discussions with Prof. Shiina provide us a solution for our problems in facing difficult cases as well. Overall this is a very nice program and thanks to Prof. Shiina and his team. Keep up the good work.

Kemal Fariz Kalista, MD

Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital




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