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Testimonial from Dr. Jung-Yi Lin

台湾のTaipiei Medical UniversityからDr. Jung-Yi Lin が短期研修生として4月3日 から4月21日まで滞在しました。Testimonialを掲載します。

Really glad to have the chance to have my observationship in Gastroenterological Imaging and Interventional Oncology with Pr. Shiina. I learned many knowledge about RFA. And it’s really happy and inspiring to learn with Professor Shiina during these three weeks. I’m lucky to see the pioneer of RFA technique and to learn advanced knowledge that makes me even more interested in RFA field. These three weeks are really important to me. I hope that one day I can choose to become a professional doctor in this field and to learn more RFA techniques!!

I hope that I can have chance to come back to learn RFA with Professor Shiina in my future career, and one day to become a good doctor with advanced RFA technique!!

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