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Testimonial from Dr. Henry Winston Carpio Li

11月19日から11月30日まで短期研修生として滞在したPhilippine General Hospitalのmedical resident のHenry Winston Carpio Li 先生からTestimonialが送られてきましたのでそのまま掲載致します。

My two-week observership at Juntendo University Hospital under the Department of Gastroenterological Imaging and Interventional Oncology truly exceeded my learning expectations. The program including the day-to-day schedule had a strategic and well-organized plan which enabled us to attain adequate exposure to various innovative procedures i.e. radiofrequency ablation and microwave ablation therapy. Moreover, our rotation in the endoscopy unit where we see advanced procedures including EUS-FNA under rapid on-site evaluation as well as in the vascular unit where TACE was performed has equally made an impact throughout the learning process.

Professor Shiina, our mentor, was very generous in teaching us about the significance of the procedures especially RFA and microwave ablation including their indications, advantages and success rates. Knowing that the institution has performed relatively one of the most number in the country ensures us of the quality of exposure we had as observers. We also informally conducted fun and interactive discussions with medical students where interesting questions were raised and learnings were shared. The paramedical and medical staff have all been very gracious in accommodating us and the harmony at work was genuinely visible.

Overall, I can definitely say that the experience was truly worthwhile and has opened me to a lot of great possibilities as I move forward in my clinical training. I shall end this statement by expressing my sincerest gratitude to everyone at Juntendo especially for the IVO section. More power!

Henry Winston C. Li Philippine General Hospital

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