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Testimonial from Dr. Giulio Visciola, Italy

順天堂大学画像診断・治療学で短期研修を行ったGiulio Visciola先生からメールが届きましたので掲載します。

My experience at Juntendo University, expecially in the Gastrointestinal Imaging and Interventional Oncology Department led by Professor Shiina, has been an important milestone on my path to become a future medical professional, helping me develop an intrest in some more specific aspects of gastroenterology, such as RFA and TACE.

During my two week stay I was able to observe the work of one of the busiest RFA centers in the world, with more than 600 procedures every year. Professor Shiina was always keen on explaining me everything about radiofrequency ablation, his approach to teaching was very international as he always compared Japan’s protocol to the ones currently in use in the US and in Europe, covering aspects such as the use of certain materials rather than others and the effectiveness of a treatment in each country. As expected from a country as techonologically advanced as Japan, I was able to see the lastest technologies in action, and i would also like to mention how impressed I was by the skillful use of the Fusion Imaging technology to locate a lesion with high accuracy in order to obtain a better treatment outcome. During my two weeks there we also had time to discuss and compare the effectiveness of other treatments such as TACE, PEI and even surgery, I was showed many data and papers that helped me learn and develop a critical thinking about all the different possible treatments.

I wish to give my heartfelt thanks to Professor Shiina and all the kind members of the Gastrointestinal Imaging and Interventional Oncology Department for guiding me through this amazing stay and helping me get the most out of this important experience.

A presto!

Giulio Visciola 6th year Medical Student, Seconda Università degli Studi di Napoli

Prof.Shiina’s comments;

Dr. Visciola created a very favorable impression during his stay in Juntendo. He is a gifted and motivated man. He has a wide range of knowledge in gastroenterology. I was deeply impressed by his judgment about ablation therapy for liver tumors. I hope he will come to Japan again to study ablation. He would be an international leader in this field.

Ci vediamo alla prossima volta!

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