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  • 執筆者の写真Japan IVO

Testimonial from Dr. Deana Mikaela Covar

7月1日から7月26日まで短期研修生として滞在したUniversity of the Philippines ManilaのDeana Mikaela Covar先生からTestimonialが送られてきましたのでそのまま掲載致します。

I would like to thank the department, especially Dr. Shiina and the entire RFA team, for everything they have taught me during my 4 week-stay in Juntendo University. I have seen their passion for their work, and they have inspired me to pursue a career in interventional oncology in the future. I have learned a lot about RFA and other minimally-invasive techniques in such a short stay. I was also oriented about the health care system in Japan, and the common etiologies of diseases, especially of HCC. Thank you for being patient in explaining to me the concepts and techniques used during the procedures. Thank you for making me feel like I’m a part of the team. You all truly are exceptional individuals. During my stay in Japan I got to visit a lot of towns in Tokyo, as well as Osaka. Japan is definitely beautiful and I hope to be able to visit again soon.

Deana Mikaela Covar University of the Philippines Manila



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