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Testimonial from Dr. David Lim for the 3-day observership

2月19日(水)から21日(金)まで、3-day observershipに参加したシンガポールのDavid Lim先生からTestimonialが送られてきましたので、そのまま掲載致します。

Hi, below is my testimonial

What a great 3 days spent in the IVO suite of Juntendo University Hospital Tokyo with Prof Shiina and his team! Witnessing Prof Shiina do 10 ablations over 3 days was invaluable — I saw how his unit functioned together as a team, including sonographers and nurses, using US fusion and contrast enhanced ultrasound. I was very impressed by pre-procedure planning, the systematic approach taken to target lesions, the confidence he showed when inserting the probe, the decisions he had to make with technically difficult lesions etc. He has many innovative ways to tackle difficult lesions!

The observership was well planned, with little time wasted, thanks to good administrative support. We had pre-procedural case discussions, review of images, observation of the whole ablation process, diagnostic contrast enhanced ultrasound etc. There was discussion of difficult cases from our own practice, with companion cases from Juntendo. We were also able to review and discuss the post-ablation imaging to see the results of the ablations that we had observed. It really was very comprehensive!

Watching his world class team has given me more confidence in what type of lesions can be ablated safely, and most importantly, inspired me to improve myself and become a better interventionist.

I found his team very friendly, helpful and also lots of fun to be around!

Time outside of the hospital, we were able to enjoy Tokyo, the weather, great food and sake! We had time to take a roller coaster near the hospital as well, although that left me with a mild headache..

Overall, this was a fantastic experience which I would recommend for any and everyone who is performing liver ablations.

David Lim Yurui Shi Haiyuan Changi General Hospital Singapore



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