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Testimonial for the RFA Blog page- Dr Madhan

Dear Professor Shiina

It gives me a great pleasure to write the testimonial for your RFA blog page. It was indeed a great pleasure to have myself in your department for one week and observe the procedures. I was lucky to have attended the ACTA 2015 conference at Fukuoka, whose dates fell during my stay at Japan, which was an opportunity for me to have had met Prof Shiina. I spent my last week of Juntendo Observer ship Program in the RFA department with Prof Shiina and his colleagues. It was a great opportunity to see the cases. I have learnt a lot about the techniques, usage of artificial ascites, incorporation of the Fusion imaging & Contrast enhanced USG for guidance of poorly visible lesions for RFA. The junior doctors were also helpful in explaining about each patients before the start of the procedure. The para medical staffs were all friendly and helpful. Overall it is a pleasant and a knowledge gaining experience. To all my surprise on my last day of the observer ship program, I was given an opportunity to attend the RFA forum of Juntendo university which was a slide presentation for 2 hours by four speakers including Prof Shiina himself. It was very informative and widened our theoretical knowledge about the RFA and also the research aspect of the same. We had discussions at end of each speaker. The day ended with,  Prof Shiina giving me a farewell party, which was undoubtedly the sign of his courteous and hospitable nature. The food was amazing for anyone who would love to enjoy the cuisine. Overall the experience was something to cherish, with a lot of knowledge influx about RFA. Thank You Prof Shiina.  I also thank his three Junior doctors. Regards Dr Madhan Kumar Murugan , MD, DNB Associate consultant, Cardiac Imaging and Interventional Radiology Apollo Hospitals, Greams Road, Chennai, India- 600006



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