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Testimonial for Juntendo Blog- Dr. Zhang Weiguo

    蘇州市第一人民医院のZhang weiguo (張衛国)先生が、日本国際協力センターからの派遣による中国江蘇省衛生庁長期医師研修として、9月から約3カ月間、当教室で研修を行ないました。

Dear Professor Shiina,

Good night! I will go back to China on NOV 25th,and there are just few days left for me studying in your department.When i think back,It is really a pleasant stay in Japan.I still remember everything on the first day when i came to your department and met with you,and it is always hard to say goodby.Maybe you are one of the kindest gentleman I ever met.Your professional spirit and the state-of-art techniques in the field of RFA is very impressive to me during my observership course in Juntendo hospital.I have learned a lot from you not only knowledge and skills about RFA,but also the sense of mission and responsibility as a doctor.I am really very grateful to you for everything you taught me.At last,I would like to leave some messeges on the blog of the department of diagnostic imaging and interventional oncology:From the viewpoint of a radiologist,i think the RFA techniques employed by the team of professor Shiina is the best in the word and represent state of the art technology.The most sophisticated apparatus used in the RFA room of Juntendo hospital is very amazing to everyone attending the international trainning programme.As the leading specialist in the field of RFA,professor Shiina will locate the lesions in the liver more accurately and ablate them more completely.

Best wishes to you!


Zhang weiguo M D,

The Department of Radiology,The first affilated hospital of soochow university

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