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Questionnaire Results of 2nd International Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA) Training Program

世界地図 Participants in 2nd international RFA training program

Date : Feb. 25th – Feb. 27th, 2016 Venue : Juntendo University Hospital


  1. Please rate the overall program.

  1. Wonderful, and necessary to every hepatologist.

  2.  If the program could happen on 7 days, we would have more chance to attend more live patient’s demonstrations with different technical problems that arise in each procedure. This could promote an additional benefit of knowledge, information and skill that might be transformed, multiplied and applied in the original local medical service of each doctor. If the program could offer extra normal time, then another possibility could include supplementary activities like live equipment’s and needle’s demonstrations, simultaneously with their applications of each particular industry company: Covidien, Toshiba, GE….

  1. Please rate the lectures.

  1. It helps a lot, not even the RFA case, skill but also the mechanism of device.

  2. I was fortunate to have learned from Dr. Shiina, and from other participants who shared their knowledge, including Mr. Joe Brennan.

  3. Add topics for preparation and aftercare of RFA patients.

  4. Please rate the live demonstrations.

  1. Although it may take even more time, but I want to participate the whole process of a patient from admission to discharge. The whole hospitalization.

  2. I can say that I have seen how RFA can be done when all equipment is available and confined with experience of Dr. Shiina.

  3. May live demo for not only difficult cases.

  4. More live demonstration.

  5. Please rate the case studies.  

  1. I can’t even know how to describe, it’s good.

  2. Add some video demonstration for case studies.

  3. I need more HCC cases with medium tumor.

  4. Please rate the logistics (Time allocation, lecture room environment, welcome party, and/or accommodations).

  1. Everything is warm, sweet and thoughtful.

  2. Will you recommend this training program to your colleagues?

  1. I think the skill of RFA here is the best in the world as a hepatologist. It’s always good and necessary to observe the master’s skill. Besides, there’re so many study as spirit, culture, ever system of RFA, we should learn.

  2. Good time allocation, good lecture, good case studies, give a lot of new best live demos. Perspective of improving RFA skill.

  3. Most of the doctors in our country learn hepatology procedures by themselves (autodidact). It would be better if we have a special training.

  4. Strongly recommended because many techniques and positioning as well as device manual improvisation that beneficial to gain the best results of ablation.

  5. I was able to get answers to my questions which I have developed after practicing RFA for many years.

  6. Would you or your young staff like to study in our division of diagnostic imaging and interventional oncology, Juntendo University.

  7. Of course, and please inform me if there’s any other training program in Juntendo Hospital.

  8. I will encourage our young staffs to apply for either short-term course or longer period of obsevationship in your hospital.

  9. Yes, very sure.

  10. Yes, for RFA training hands on.

  11. Yes

  12. Yes, certainly I would.

  13. Yes, of course mention to anyone interested in doing RFA.

  14. Yes

  15. How many days do you think are the best for the international RFA training program ?

  16. Maybe 5 days even better.

  17. 3-5 days (add some live-demos or hand-on).

  18. 3 days

  19. Basic skill (beginner doctor) for 7 days. Difficult cases (experienced doctor) for 3 days

  20. I suggest to make 2 different classes.2. 3 days for experts

  21. 7 days for beginners. For experiencer 3 days are enough.

  22. 3 days for experienced, 7 days for those not yet experienced, then they should go back after doing patients in their country.

  23. What other topics would you like to see in the future ablation training course?

  24. The outpatient department is also I want to observe. Thanks a lot Japan, Tokyo and Professor and staff.

  25. Preparation and after-care of patients. Hand-on of CEUS & fusion image.

  26. Workshop hands on training for RFA.

  27. Ablation of extrahepatic tumor, such as metastatic lesion at basal of lung.

  28. For beginners, important to show how to operate the machine and explain why the technique in Juntendo is different from standard ablation mode on the E series.

  29. 1. Basic principle of RFA, 2. Differences among manufacturer recommendation and real life use of RFA, 3. The mechanism of the RFA machine.

 Questionnaire results from all 8 participants Questionnaire results from all 8 participants



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