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Juntendo University’s IVO (interventional oncology) suite

Following the completion of Juntendo University Hospital’s Building B’s construction, we moved to a new treatment room in January 2017.

Until now we felt that the room was somewhat small when we were performing two treatments in parallel. As the new room is 1.7 times larger and the ceiling higher than the previous one, we easily perform two treatments in parallel. While browsing images of MRI or CT on a ceiling-hung four screens monitor, we can carry out RFA’s parallel operations on a specially equipped operation table. We can use fusion imaging and contrast enhanced ultrasound without delay. Besides doctors, there are two full-time nurses who perform the vital check, two nurse assistants responsible for the preparation of the room and the paperwork, and a ultrasonographer who manipulates ultrasound machines. So far we had to transfer patients on the departure from the dedicated operation table in the RFA room to a stretcher, and then transfer them once more from the stretcher to their bed in the hospital wards. Now, as we transfer patients directly from the operation table to their hospital bed, load of the IVO room’s as well as the hospital ward’s staff has been reduced while the patients’ safety and tranquility have been improved.

It may be the best interventional oncology suite in the world.

DSCF5290 2列並列RFA


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