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Invitation to APASL STC Yokohama (off the Coast of Kanagawa)

APASL STC  Yokohama (off the Coast of Kanagawa)

Kaminari, the God of Thunder: Hey Kaze, did you hear? The theme of the next conference is “HCC: Strategy in the New Era”.

Kaze, the God of Wind: Kaminari, that’s what’s in the wind. Doctors in the liver field have blown away hepatitis C and can control hepatitis B too.

Kaminari: You got that right. But one thing’s got me worried. They say obesity-related nonalcoholic fatty liver is increasing the number of cancer patients. That’s a thunderous worry, but innovation is coming lightning fast in surgical methods, image-guided ablation, vascular intervention, and even pharmacotherapy.

Kaze:Those all sound good, but how tasty are they, really?

Kaminari: You old fool! Those aren’t foods?

Kaze: Well, they all sound expensive. In a graying society and with medical fees going sky high, a storm is brewing for cost effectiveness.

Kaminari: That may be the eye of the storm.  The APASL STC Yokohama will flash light on various topics related to hepatocellular carcinoma. I’m done rumbling here, let’s blow.

Kaze: Wait, Kaminari!



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