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International RFA training program started!

First international RFA training program started 3:00 pm today. This is an 8 consecutive day program (from Nov. 15th (Sun.) to Nov. 22nd (Sun.)), and we have 13 participants in total: four doctors from China, three doctors from Indonesia, four doctors from Taiwan, and two doctors from Philippines.

After the opening remarks and course introduction by Prof. Shiina, Dr. Shimizu and Dr. Hayashi did case presentations of RFA cases on 16th (Mon.) and performed planning echo. (Tomorrow, we planned to have four RFA cases.) The participants were astonished to see the facilities in the RFA room. Especially, having seen the lesion in the dead angle of ultrasound is depicted by changing the patient’s posture with RFA dedicated bed, they seemed to be quite impressed.

We thought our schedule for the first day would be quite free, but finally the schedule was quite tight since we had a lot of questions more than expected.

After these sessions, we had a welcome party. We invited some Japanese doctors participated in previous domestic RFA training programs, and had a lot of fun.

031 Course introduction

246 Welcome party



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