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International RFA training program – 4th day

We finished 4th day of the program. We had four RFA live demonstration cases on 16th (Mon.) and two cases on 18th (Wed.). All the participants observed the operations wearing Juntendo original scrub. It is a great pleasure to hear a doctor saying “I could see RFA operations that I could not imagine before coming to Juntendo Univ.”.

We plan to have 14 RFA cases during the program. The reason why we devote a lot of time in live demonstration is because we think seeing actual RFA operations is more effective than reading articles or listening to presentations in academic conferences.

RFA being curative, less-invasive, and applicable repeatedly, it plays an important role in the hepatic tumor treatment. Actually, RFA has become a standard treatment procedure for small HCC as it is recommended in the guideline, and is performed in many facilities throughout the world.

While, one of the problems related to RFA is a discrepancy in the skills among facilities or operators. Since RFA is often regarded as a simple procedure, it is sometimes performed without adequate trainings. Even in the academic conference, the way to improve the operator’s skills has not been fully discussed so far.

We have four more days left. Hope every participant can learn a lot of things throughout the remaining courses.



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