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International RFA training program 開始

11/15(日)から11/22(日)の8日間のInternational RFA training programが本日15時からスタートしました。


初日は、椎名教授のOpening remarks と Course introductionの後、清水先生と林先生が11/16(月)にRFA予定の症例を提示し、その後プランニングエコーを実施しました。11/16(月)は計4例のRFAを予定しています。


その後18時過ぎから21時までWelcome Partyを開催、International RFA training programの参加者だけでなく、以前に実施した国内向けRFA training programsに参加した医師達の出席もあって有意義な集いとなりました。

On the first day, after Prof. Shiina’s Opening remarks and Course introduction, Prof. Shimizu and Prof. Hayashi presented the cases scheduled for RFA on 11/16 (Monday), and then conducted a planning echo. A total of 4 RFAs are scheduled for November 16 (Monday).

Participants were surprised by the equipment in the RFA room, but especially by the special RFA bed, they were impressed by the appearance of lesions that were thought to be present in the blind spot of the ultrasound examination due to the body position change. We intended to give the schedule more room, but there were more questions than expected, and the situation was quite tight.

After that, a welcome party was held from 18:00 to 21:00. It was a meaningful gathering not only with participants of the International RFA training program but also with attendance of doctors who participated in the previous domestic version of the RFA training program.

031 Course introduction

095 Planning US 指差し トリミング後
211 Planning US Dr.Zhang Ming Prof.椎名
246 Welcome party


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