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Henry Winston Carpio Li先生とTe-Cheng Su先生が短期研修を終了しました

本日、2018年11月30日、フィリピンのinternal medicine residentのHenry Winston Carpio Li先生と台湾のradiologistのTe-Cheng Su先生が短期研修を終了しました 。

Dr. Li is a very present person. He is very friendly and sociable, and we enjoyed working with him very much. He has a lot of knowledge about gastroenterology and interventional oncology. He explained many things to medical students in Juntendo. He said he will be a fellow in gastroenterology in the near future. We wish he is interested in ablation therapies. We would like him to come back to Juntendo again. He can be an expert of liver tumor ablation in the Philippines.

Dr. Su had previously visited our department to attend the 4th RFA training program in 2017. This time he not only observed our procedures but also brought several cases on which he performed RFA in his institution to discuss with us. He worked very hard during his stay. He is very gentle and polite, and we enjoyed working with him. He is already a matured interventional radiologist. But, through his experience during his stay in Juntendo, he will surely be a leader in the field of ablation in Taiwan.

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