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GREETINGS from ROME: イタリアのGalati先生から近況が届きました


Dear Prof. Shiina and Your Team,

how are You?

I hope that APASL was a real success.

I think everyday to my period in Japan and I miss that experience (already two years ago) and all Your team.

I am working to develop the service of US and we mett You in Milan, on July 2016.

A multidisciplinary meeting about HCC, has taken place in my University (Campus Bio Medico), in order to discuss the following hot topics:

1) What to do after progression during therapy with Sorafenib

2) Which are the  evidences about combination of treatments between Sorafenib plus TACE

3) Novelty in the field of Radioembolization

We have concluded that nowadays there are not second lines approved after Sorafenib, and we can continue Sorafenib also after radiological progression, because a mild improvement in survival can be expected; there is a strong rationale to promote an association between TACE and Sorafenib, although there are several schedules to be verified with scientific data; Radioembolization is a promising tecnique but there are not data about superiority on Sorafenib, in advanced stage.

I am looking forward to hearing from You.


Dott. Giovanni Galati Specialista in Medicina Interna ed Epatologia Ecografia Clinica ed InterventisticaUnità di Medicina Clinica-Epatologia Policlinico Universitario Campus Bio Medico Via Alvaro del Portillo 200, 00128 Roma

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