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Farewell Dinner for the 5th International IVO training program

最終日の夜には、恒例のFarewell Dinnerを丸の内の和食店で行いました。




Hsin-Yi Chen先生は来年、私たちの教室に留学してくるとのことです。その他の何人かの先生も、上司の許可が得られれば私たちの教室で肝癌の低侵襲治療の研鑽をしたいと言っていました。

On the last night of the training program, the traditional Farewell Dinner was held at a Japanese restaurant in Marunouchi.

In addition to the,participants, there were also Dr. Kinoshita  (Tokushima Red Cross, participant to the previous domestic training program), Dr. Kuzuya (Nagoya Univ.), Dr. Yoshida (Japanese Red Cross Medical Center), Dr. Sakamoto (National Cancer Center Hospital, participant to the previous domestic training program), and Dr. Wada (Kitasato University, participant to the previous domestic training program) who participated as volunteers to the training program.

Celebrating the successful completion of the five-day training program, we made a toast to the participants’ future activities in their home countries.

We exchanged information about Ablation and deepened mutual friendship.

Dr. Hsin-Yi Chen will be studying in our department next year. Some other teachers said they would like to study minimally invasive treatment of liver cancer in our department with the permission of their superior.

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