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Dr. Po Chun Chen’s feedback on the fourth night of the 6th International IVO training program

Q1. What is your impression of the program so far?

What is most impressed me in these days is the Team work. Prof. Shiina , like the conductor, organized the treatment as an orchestra. Efficient and very elegant performance. Also, Prof. showed his patience, say, using fusion imaging, doppler ultrasound and CEUS to make sure where the lesion is before every treatment attempt. Delicate care!

Q2. How do you think ablation therapies will be in the future?

I expect the ablation therapy will be combined with EUS in the near future. For example, lesions at the caudate lobe, the percutaneous route for ablation has to overcome a long distance. If the ablation needle/antenna could pass through the endoscopic channel, maybe we endoscopist can treat such lesions with EUS-guided fashion.

Q3. What do you expect of ablation company or ultrasound company?

What I expect to the ultrasound company is we may combine the 3D-reconstructed CT/MRI imaging with similar fusion algorithm with ultrasound. With this, Doctors can more precisely understand the spatial relationship among the patients’ structure, lesions of interest, and the ablation needle/antenna. Oh there is one more thing, I cannot agree any more with other doctors’ opinion – please be cheaper, ultrasound companies!

PC Chen Taipei veterans general hospital Taiwan



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