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Dr. Amina Bulatihan will join our department

Congratulation! Dr. Amina Bulatihan has passed the exam.

She will join our department as a graduate student.

Here is her brief self-introduction and some photos.

My name is Amina Bulatihan. I am from Nayman tribe of Kazakh. I was born and grow up in a very small town called Tarbahatay, the westest part of China. I left my hometown when I was 14 and had my high school and undergraduate education in Shanghai. At Fudan University, I transferred from the Department of History to Clinical Medicine as I want to be a doctor in the future. After I finished my bachelor as an Outstanding Graduate I continued my master education in Public Health at Queen Mary University of London, where I learned about the whole medical care from a broader and deeper perspective. Then I gained some work experience both in Astana,Kazakhstan and Shanghai, China in medical area in last two years. However I never stopped thinking about PhD education so I searched many universities in different countries. And I am very lucky that I found Juntendo University and it is great honor to meet Professor Shuichiro Shiina. After all the hard work and great support from my professor Shuichiro Shiina and other colleagues from the department, I am very excited to start my new journey at the department of Gastroenterology in Juntendo University. I am ready to take all the challenges and make my dream come true. I am always grateful to have this opportunity and many thanks to all the support.

Amina Bulatihan



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