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Day three of 5th IVO programme : By Dr. Raghunath Nagwekar

Day three of 5thIVO programme :

On third day of 5th IVO RFA training programme, three cases were demonstrated beautifully by Professor Shiina, including perfectly created artificial ascites to ablate the surface lesion and state of art demonstration of difficult to ablate lesion which was just adjacent to the IVC. Following each case discussion in detail with focus on how to approach such lesions helped all participants to improve their knowledge and understanding.

Followed by the lecture on getting a good diagnostic imaging with emphasis on parameters in ultrasound machine that helps in improving the image quality.

In the afternoon, beautifully presented and interesting lecture by Dr. Nobuhito Taniki on otherwise less touched subject that is Artificial ascites / pleural effusion and other techniques in IVO which is very important aspect in performing RFA/MWA procedures to overcome approach difficulties. Followed by the examination and preplanning on to be done on next day cases by every participants including discussion on approach with Prof. Shiina.

Lastly review of the post RFA cases done on yesterday to look for the response showing excellent results.

I believe that this is the best for development & study  of RFA for each and every participant.

Best Regards Dr. Raghunath Nagwekar Tata Memorial Centre Mumbai, India

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