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Day 5 of the 4th International RFA Training Program

There were three cases performed perfectly by Prof. Shiina today. Even though the cases were difficult-to-be ablated, Prof. Shiina completely ablated all tumors by creating artificial ascites, posture change, fusion image and contrast-enhanced ultrasonography. Besides, Prof. Shiina demonstrated how to check bleeding after ablation and the way to ablate bleeding site. Three cases were shared by our participants and we learned much about how to manage these situations from Prof. Shiina’s previous experience. In the afternoon, we reviewed important tips about RFA depending on Prof. Shiina’s lecture. The lecture and live demonstration made us perform better RFA skills in the future. Prof. Shiina also discussed with us about post-RFA CT image to evaluate the ablation effect of the demonstrated cases on July 13 correctly.

Post-test let all of us to understand the basic concepts more clearly than pre-test by complete the five-day training program.

Finally, Prof. Shiina hold a farewell dinner, we shared wonderful experience about the short course to each other. In conclusion, the participants learned not only excellent RFA skills but also the attitude and passion from Prof. Shiina in this International RFA training program.

Writing by Liao, Sih-Han from Taipei, Taiwan

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