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Day 4 of the 4th International RFA Training Program

Lots of experiences were Leart from this training program planned by the team of professor Shiina and Medtronic, yet still far more to learn.

On the 4th day-another compact day in the training program, Pro. Shiina demonstrated RFA to 5 patients with 14 hepatic tumors (either HCC or metastatic tumors). Professor Shiina showed us not only the precise ablation techniques, which is an experience-dependant skill, but also the attitude of “never give up” to explore all the nodules shown in the dynamic images. Because what we do now will affect the whole life of the patient.

Surely it is a tiring day, but it is a routine daily work for professor Shiina and his team. Hopefully we can be the one like him in the future.

After a whole day of treatment, Pro. Shiina and his team prepared a warm pizza & sushi party for all of us and for the international students. Not just for work to help more patients, but also to establish the friendship internationally.

Sheng-Wei Cheng

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