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Day 3 of the 4th International RFA Training Program

Two cases were demonstrated today. Professor Shiina perfectly created artificial ascites and brought lots of discussion of the treatment that helped participants to improve their knowledges and understanding.

Following by case studies that 4 physicians from both Japan and Taiwan shared their RFA treating experiences. Participants learnt from each other and discussed how they could perform better outcomes for patients in their future RFA Cases.

In the afternoon, a lecture of artificial ascites and artificial pleural effusion which is relatively unfamiliar field to participants was given and they have shown highly interests during discussion.

Last but not least,

examining and planning for the RFA cases scheduled for the next day is always important. Five cases were presented to the participants to locate the target tumor. Moreover, reviewing the images of post RFA case from previous day gives the participants a completely full review of the treatment.

We believe this will be great experience for further development and studying for each one of the participants.

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