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”Current Status of RFA and MWA” in APASL STC 2018 Yokohama on HCC

We will host APASL STC Yokohama this May on the theme of “HCC: Strategy in the New Era”, in which we will hold a session, “Current Status of RFA and MWA”.

In the field of ablation, an adjustable electrode has been introduced into RFA and Emprint, a new-generation MWA, is now covered by public health insurance. Furthermore, there is a possibility of widening the indication of ablation in other fields than malignant liver tumors. We are now entering the new era.

In Japan, only Emprint has been approved as a new-generation MWA. However, various other models have been available outside of Japan. Therefore, we requested even companies whose ablation systems have not been commercially available in Asia to make presentations at the session, “Current Status of RFA and MWA.” They have agreed to actively cooperate with us in APASL STC Yokohama. The highest number of treatments using ablation is performed in the Asia-Pacific region at present, and they expect further developments in this region. This plan can be held only by APASL STC.

By participating in this session, the characteristics of each product, including those of apparatus that is not yet commercially available in Japan, can be well understood, and the attendees will gain a sense of the future possibilities of ablation treatment.

The companies listed below have agreed to participate in this session (Random order. There is a possibility of additional participants).

RFA Covidien                              Takuma Teratani STARmed                            Jeong Min Lee MWA Covidien                             Donna D’Souza VISON                                 Zhiqiang Meng HS Amica                            Luigi Solbiati Johnson & Johnson           To Be Determined ECO                                     Yang Zhengqiang Canyon                                Ping Liang

In addition, the eminent doctors who are using each apparatus will give lectures in the session. It is planned that Professor Shi-Ming Lin and Professor Masatoshi Tanaka will chair the session, and Professor Shuichiro Shiina, the president of this conference, will give concluding remarks at the end of the session. This plan is possible only in APASL STC and it is worth going to Yokohama just to attend this session.

We hope this session will provide many doctors  with a great opportunity to grasp the future vision of ablation treatment.

Abstract submission and pre-registration are open now. We would like you and your colleagues to send abstracts and register the conference through the conference website:

・Abstract submission (Deadline: January 31 (Wed), 2018) ・Pre–registration



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