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A word from Dr. Hsin-Yi (Robert) Chen who joined our department in August

Dr. Hsin-Yi (Robert) Chen from Taiwan joined our department on August 1st. He will stay with us for 6 months, until January 2020. Here is his self-introduction:

My name is Hsinyi Chen, and I have recently started short term visit with Professor Shiina at Juntendo University Hospital, Department of Diagnostic Imaging & Interventional Oncology. I grew up in Taichung, at central part of Taiwan. After elementary school, my family moved to New Zealand where I lived for 5 years. After finishing high school, to experience different places, I applied for university in Australia. I studied medical sciences and biotechnology, and graduated with honours degree. During my final research year, I was able to apply for post-graduated medicine in Poland, where I was able to see European cultures. I worked as gastroenterology and hepatology physician at Cathay General Hospital in Taipei, Taiwan. I first started my training with liver tumor RFA during my fellowship. While performing RFA, I was eager to learn how to optimize the treatment. Due to relatively low volume of RFA, I also engaged with some RFA specialists in Taiwan in my spare time. As I learned about International IVO training course hosted by Professor Shiina, I joined the 5th training course in September 2018. During the program, Professor Shiina demonstrated how ablation can be performed at perfection, to minimize recurrence using single ablative device, similar to health insurance policy in Taiwan. After discussing with Professor Shiina and my institution, I was fortunate to return to Juntendo University Hospital this year for further short term training. I am excited to join the department, to learn how to master the art of ablative therapies.

Hsinyi Chen Cathay General Hospital Taipei, Taiwan



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