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5th International IVO Training Program Officially Begins!

Today, on the 21th of August 3:00 PM, the 5th International IVO Training Program started. For this training program, there are a total of 22 participant doctors: 12 from Taiwan, 2 from Indonesia, 2 from Hong-Kong, 2 from India, and 1 from Myanmar, 1 from Vietnam, 1 from China, 1 from South Korea. The participants were given a very warm welcome by Prof. Shiina leading with a course introduction. He raised excitement and curiosity among the participants by explaining the program’s objectives, and giving a sneak peek at the activities that will be done and cases that might be seen throughout the entire 5-day program.

A pre-test was also done to determine the participants’ present knowledge on IVO and determine which topics should be focused on.

Afterwards, planning for the IVO cases scheduled for the next day was done. Three cases were presented to the participants and they were given a chance to locate the target tumor through ultrasound and contribute their suggestions for the final plan of each case.

A lot of questions were already raised during the first day, showing the interest that the participants have for the field. Extensive discussions like these would surely make the program a big learning experience for everyone.

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