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5th day of 7th International IVO Training Program

9月7日(土)、5日間にわたる7th international IVO training program を無事終了しました。

午前のlive demonstrationではRFA 1例、MWAを3例に実施しました。 ランチをとりながらcase studiesがあり、受講者がプレゼンした困難症例2例を全員でディスカッションし、その後Chen先生が順天堂で実際に治療した類似症例を提示しました。午後は畑中先生(済生会前橋病院)が「Artificial ascites, artificial pleural effusion and other techniques in IVO」についてlectureしました。 休憩をはさんで椎名教授が「Overview of IVO (RFA & MWA)」のタイトルでlectureしました。 その後、Post-testを実施し、問題についてChen先生が解説しました。 最後にIVO室で椎名教授から受講者にcertificateが手渡しされ、最後の評価CTを行って、プログラムが完了しました。

午後5時から、場所を丸の内に移して恒例のFarewell Dinnerが行なわれました。椎名教授の挨拶に続き、5日間のトレーニングプログラムを無事終了したことを祝い、今後の各自の母国での活躍を祈念して乾杯しました。日本と海外各国のAblationに関する情報交換を行ない、リラックスしたムードの中でお互いの親睦を深める会話が交わされました。

これまでの国内版、国際版トレーニングプログラムと同様、lectures、live demonstrations、case studiesの3つを柱とし、7ヶ国から20名のドクターが参加した今回の7th International IVO Training Programは、受講者だけでなく私たちにとっても有意義で学ぶべき事の多い5日間でした。

We successfully completed the 5 days long 7th international IVO training program on this day,  September 7, Saturday.

1 RFA case and 3 MWA cases were performed during the morning live demonstrations. During lunch, case studies were carried out and all participants discussed the two difficult cases presented by participants. Dr. Chen presented similar cases treated at Juntendo. In the afternoon, Dr. Hatanaka (Saiseikai Maebashi Hospital) gave a lecture on “Artificial ascites, artificial pleural effusion and other techniques in IVO”. After a short break, Professor Shiina gave the final lecture : “Overview of IVO (RFA & MWA)”. The students were then given a Post-Test to estimate how much they learned during the program. When it finished, Prof. Shiina gave the answers that participants were eager to know.

Finally, the program reached its conclusion when Professor Shiina handed the certificates of completion to the students in the IVO room. After an ultimate “image assessment of cases before and after IVO”, everyone went to Marunouchi for a Farewell Dinner.

There, Prof. Shiina first gave his greetings, then we celebrated the successful completion of this 5-day training program and toasted to the future success of each participant in their home country. We exchanged information about Ablation in Japan and overseas countries, and we had conversations that deepened each other’s relationships in a relaxed atmosphere.

As with previous training programs (international or domestic), the 7th International IVO Training Program, in which 20 doctors from 7 countries participated, was based on three pillars: lectures, live demonstrations, and case studies.

These 5 days were a meaningful learning experience, not only for the participant doctors, but also for Prof. Shiina’s team.

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