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4th day of 6th International IVO Training Program (Sushi and Pizza party)

5日間のInternational Training Programは、たくさんのlive demonstrationsがあり有意義であるという意見とともに、連日8時10分集合というのはきついという意見もあり、前回から4日目は11時10分集合としました。

11時30分から昼食を取りながらのCase studiesでは、受講者の施設で経験した 症例が提示され、それを全員でディスカッションしました。その後、当院の佐藤公紀先生が自験例の類似症例を提示しました。 昼食後は、IVO室でのLive demonstrationが行われ、RFA 3例、MWA 1例を実施しました。治療の合間には受講者から椎名教授へ多くの質問がありました。 夕刻より、明日治療予定の4例のプランニングを実施し、さらに昨日Live demonstrationを実施した4症例の治療前後の画像を比較して、治療効果を椎名教授、スタッフ、受講者全員で評価しました。4例とも腫瘍の遺残なく焼灼されていました。 一日の終わりは医局でのsushi and pizza partyとなり、トレーニングプログラムの緊張感とは違った和やかな雰囲気の中で会話が盛り上がりました。後半は恒例の”Please answer at least one of the three questions” で盛り上がりました。

6th International Training Program は連日活気に満ち、明日は最終日を迎えます。

Along with the opinion that the numerous live demonstrations of the Training Program are very valuable, there was also a feeling that  8:10 gatherings every day are tough. Thus, from the previous program, the fourth day’s gathering was set at 11:10.

From 11:30, while having lunch, Case studies were carried out. The cases experienced at the students’ facilities were presented and discussed. After that, Dr. Koki Sato of our hospital presented a similar case of our own. After that, Live demonstrations were conducted in the IVO room, with 3 RFA cases and 1 MWA case. There were many questions from the students to Professor Shiina between the treatments. In the evening, we did the planning of the 4 cases scheduled for treatment tomorrow, and compared the images before and after treatment of yesterday’s 4 cases to evaluate the effect of the treatment. All 4 cases had been ablated without any residual tumor. At the end of the day the usual “sushi and pizza party” took place at the doctor’s office and the conversation was brisk in a calm atmosphere different from the tension of the training program. The traditionnal “Please answer at least one of the three questions”moment brought a lot of excitement.

The 6th International Training Program is vibrant every day, with the final day coming tomorrow.

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