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4日目報告:5th International IVO Training Program

5日間のInternational Training Programは、たくさんのlive demonstrationsがあり有意義であるという意見とともに、毎日8時15集合というのはつらい、という意見が受講者やスタッフからありました。

このため今回の 4日目は11時15分に集合し、11時30分から昼食を取りながらのCase studiesとしました。本日はHung-Chih Chiu先生がNational Cheng Kung University Hospitalの困難症例2例をプレゼンし、その後みんなでディスカッションしました。その後、順天堂の佐藤公紀先生が順天堂の類似症例を提示しました。

昼食後は、Live demonstrationが行われました。Live demonstrationでは3例のRFAを実施しました。 治療の合間には受講者から椎名教授へ、多くの質問が行われました。


さらに、昨日Live demonstrationを実施した症例の治療前後の画像を比較して、治療効果を椎名教授、スタッフ、受講者全員で評価しました。3例とも腫瘍の遺残なく焼灼されていました。

その後、本日で日本を去るKa King Cheng先生(Kwong Wah Hospital、香港)とYun-Cheng Hsieh先生(Taipei Veterans General Hospital、台湾)に修了証を授与しました。

18時から「Indications and complications of  IVO (RFA & MWA) (by Dr.Takeshi Hatanaka)」のlectureがありました。

そして、医局でsushi and pizza partyとなりました(別記事に記載)。


On previous editions, the participants and staff commented that, even though having many live demonstration was valuable, it was painful to start everyday at 8:15 for the 5 days of the Program.

For this reason, we decided to start at 11:15 on the fourth day this time, and carried out Case studies while having lunch from 11:30. Today, Dr. Hung-Chih Chiu presented two difficult cases from National Cheng Kung University Hospital, and then everyone discussed it. Then, Dr. Koki Sato presented a similar case from Juntendo.

After lunch, Live demonstrations started. 3 cases of RFA were conducted. During the treatment, many questions were asked by the participants to Professor Shiina.

Then, we carried out the planning for the next day’s 3 treatment cases.

After that, by comparing the images before and after treatment of the cases treated during Live demonstration was performed yesterday, the treatment effect was evaluated by Professor Shiina, the staff and all participants. All three cases had been ablated without any residual tumor.

Then, Dr. Ka King Cheng (Kwong Wah Hospital, Hong Kong) and Professor Yun-Cheng Hsieh (Taipei Veterans General Hospital, Taiwan), who had to leave Japan today, were awarded a certificate of completion.

At 18:00  Dr. Takeshi Hatanaka gave a lecture on “Indications and complications of IVO (RFA & MWA) “.

Lastly, we had the usual “sushi and pizza party” in the medical office (described in another article).

Today was another very lively training program day.

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