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3rd International RFA training program started!

3rd International RFA training program started today. This is a 5 consecutive day program, from Oct. 11th to 15th.

A total of 10 doctors participated in it, a doctor from China, two doctors from Korea and seven doctors from Taiwan.

After opening remarks and course introduction by Prof. Shiina, the participants took a pretest, which was our first trial.

Then they moved to the RFA room on the 18th floor. The facilities in the RFA room amazed them.

We did three-case presentations on which we are performing RFA on the following day. Many of the participants already have enough experience in RFA. We first gave them an opportunity to perform ultrasound examinations. Some tumors were difficult to detect in a conventional way. Then Prof. Shiina showed how to detect tumors, using a dedicated interventional bed and having patients have a specific body position, which seemed very impressive to them.

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