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3rd day of 6th International IVO Training Program

6th International IVO training program 3日目の本日はlive demonstrationsから開始となりました。

受講者は朝8時10分に集合し、スクラブに着替え、IVO室でのlive demonstrationにのぞみました。本日もfusion imagingや造影超音波、人工腹水などの手法を用いて4例の治療(RFA 1例、新世代MWA 3例)を実施しました。治療の合間には受講者と椎名教授との活発なディスカッションも行われました。

ランチをとりながらCases study (2 cases) が行われ、午後は「Lecture & hands-on: How to get good diagnostic imaging」、「Indications and complications of IVO (RFA & MWA) 」および「Fusion Technologies: explanation and demonstration」の、3つのlecturesがありました。

夕刻より、明日治療予定の3例のプランニングを実施し、さらに昨日live demonstrationを実施した症例の治療前後の画像を比較して、治療効果を椎名教授、スタッフ、受講者全員で評価しました。3例とも腫瘍の遺残なく焼灼されていました。


The third day of the 6th International IVO training program started with live demonstrations.

The students gathered at 8:10 am, changed to scrubs and observed the live demonstration in the IVO room. Today, four cases (one RFA and three new-generation MWAs) were treated using techniques such as fusion imaging, contrast-enhanced ultrasound, and artificial ascites. Between the treatments, active discussions were held between the students and Professor Shiina.

During lunch, cases study (2 cases) were held and there were three lectures in the afternoon: “Lecture & hands-on: How to get good diagnostic imaging”, “Indications and complications of IVO (RFA & MWA)” and “Fusion Technologies: explanation and demonstrations”.

In the evening, we did the planning for tomorrow’s three cases. Then Prof. Shiina, his staff and the participants compared the images before and after treatment of yesterday’s cases, and evaluated the treatment effect. All three cases had been ablated without any residual tumor.

Today was another very lively training program.

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