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  • 執筆者の写真Japan IVO

3-day observership: day 2

3-day observership の2日目は、live demonstrationsからスタートしました。集合は朝8時15分、全員が順天堂のスクラブを着用してIVO室でのlive demonstrationに臨みました。午前中に新世代マイクロ波焼灼術(MWA) 3 例のlive demonstrationsを実施しました。その後、椎名教授と参加者はランチをとりながら本日の症例のdiscussionなどを行いました。


The second day of the observership started with live demonstrations. At 8:15 am, the 4 participants put on Juntendo’s scrubs to observe the live demonstration in the IVO room. In total 3 cases of new generation MWA were performed during this live demonstration. Then, Prof. Shiina and the observers discussed the cases of the morning over lunch.

The afternoon was free, so the 4 foreign doctors took this opportunity to enjoy Tokyo.

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