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3-day observership: day 1

海外からのドクターの研修がobservershipの形で始まりました。4名(シンガポールから2名、タイから1名、ミャンマーから1名)は2月18日(火)~22日(土)の8th International Interventional Oncology (IVO) Training Programに参加予定でした。しかし、新型コロナウイルスの流行に伴いtraining programを中止したため、救済措置として2月19日(水)から21日(金)までの3日間、live demonstrationを中心としたprogramに参加してもらうこととしました。

初日の本日は8時30分からlive demonstrationが始まり12時30分に4例のablationが終了しました。Training programの受講者は20名の予定でしたので、observershipに参加した4名は「training programよりも間近で手技を見ることができて幸運だ」とのことでした。


Training for foreign doctors started today as an observership. 4 participants (2 from Singapore, 1 from Thailand, 1 from Myanmar) originally wanted to participate in 8th International Interventional Oncology (IVO) Training Program. Because of the pandemic of the novel coronavirus, however, the program was canceled. As a remedial action, we have a special 3 day-observership program for them, from February 19th (Wed) to 21st (Fri).

The observership started today at 8:30 with a Live Demonstration. The ablation of 4 cases finished around 12:30.

Then, the 4 observers were shown a video on ablation techniques while they had their lunch, a typical Japanese Bento. In the afternoon, Dr. Maruyama presented and explained contrast-enhanced ultrasound examination to the 4 doctors. In the evening, Prof. Shiina and the observers did the planning of the 3 IVO cases scheduled for the next day. Many questions were already raised during the first day, showing the deep interest the participants have for the field of ablation. Extensive discussions like these would surely make the program a big learning experience for everyone.

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