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2nd International RFA training program が始まりました

International RFA training programが2/25(木)の11時30分からスタートしました。今回の期間は、2/25(木)から2/27(土)の3日間です。

インドネシアから4名、台湾から1名、中国から1名、フィリピンから1名、ブラジルから1名の医師が training programに参加しました(当初参加予定だったトルコおよび中国の医師は、直前に各々の理由により来日キャンセルとなりました)(下図参照)。また、ablationの専門医が各国から集まるため、米国から3名、中国から2名の開発担当者が来訪しました。

初日は、椎名教授のOpening remarks と Course introductionの後、東京大学の近藤祐嗣先生の Indications and complications of RFA、JR東京総合病院の内野康志先生のArtificial ascites, artificial pleural effusion and other techniques in RFA 等のレクチャー、翌日RFA予定の患者のプランニング等を実施しました。


また夜には、18時過ぎから21時までWelcome Partyを開催しました。



International RFA training program started at 11:30 on February 25th (Thu). It will be 3 days long, from February 25th (Thu) to February 27th (Sat).

Four doctors from Indonesia, one from Taiwan, one from China, one from the Philippines, and one from Brazil participated in the training program. (Returned to Japan for reasons) (See below). Also, ablation specialists gathered from each country, so three developers from the United States and two from China visited.

On the first day, after Opening remarks and Course introduction by Professor Shiina, lectures such as “Indications and complications of RFA” by Prof. Yugo Kondo at the University of Tokyo and “Artificial ascites, artificial pleural effusion and other techniques in RFA” by Prof. Koji Uchino at JR Tokyo General Hospital On the next day, we planned the patients scheduled for RFA.

Participants were surprised and interested in the latest facilities in the Juntendo University RFA room. In particular, the RFA bed seems to have made a strong impression. There were a lot of questions this time, and the schedule was quite tight from the first day.

In the evening, a welcome party was held from 18:00 to 21:00.


Photos of the first day were added to this page on February 27th. Click to enlarge



【Training Program Schedule】DateTimeProgram11:30-12:00Opening remarks & Course introductionFeb. 25th (Thu)12:00 noon-1:00PMLecture 1: Indications and complications of RFA Lunch1:00PM-3:00PMLecture 2: RFA device (Cool-tip) Lecture 3: Artificial ascites, artificial pleural effusion and other techniques in RFA3:00PM-3:30PMCoffee Break3:30PM-6:00PMCase presentation, Planning, & Ultrasound examinations for the next-day’s live demonstration6:30PM-Welcome partyFeb. 26th (Fri)8:30AM-12:00 noonLive demonstration of RFA12:00PM-1:00PMLunch Case studies1:00PM-4:30PMLive demonstration of RFA4:30PM-4:45PMCoffee Break4:45PM-7:00PMCase presentation, Planning, & Ultrasound examinations for the next-day’s live demonstration Image assessment of cases treated with RFA on the previous day7:30PM-Sushi and pizza party at the doctors’ officeFeb. 27th (Sat)8:30AM-12:00 noonLive demonstration of RFA12:00 noon-1:00PMLunch Lecture & hands-on: Ultrasonography1:00PM-2:00PMLecture: Overview of RFA2:00PM-3:00PMConferment of certificates & closing remarks5:00PM-Farewell party


世界地図 Participants in 2nd international RFA training program



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