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2nd day of 6th International IVO training program

6th International IVO training programは、 2日目の本日からRFAや新世代MWAのlive demonstrationsがスタートしました。今回は5日間で計15例のlive demonstrationsを予定しています(第1回は7日間で15例、第2回は3日間で6例、第3回、第4回、第5回は各5日間で各12例のlive demonstrationsを実施)。

集合は朝8時10分、全員が順天堂のスクラブを着用してIVO室でのlive demonstrationに臨みました。1つの症例が終了するごとに控室へ移動し受講者と椎名教授とのディスカッションが行なわれ、次の症例へとIVO室に戻りました。午前中に3例(RFA1例、新世代MWA2例)のlive demonstrationを実施しました。

昼食時は消化器内科のカンファランス「Hospitalized patient presentation」に参加し「Ward round」に同行しました。

午後は「Principles of Ablation (RFA & MWA)  」のlecture がありました。 Lecture 終了後、明日治療予定の3例のプランニングを実施しました。


On the second day of the 6th International IVO training program we started live demonstrations of RFA and new generation MWA.  This time, 15 live demonstrations are planned for 5 days (1st International training program: 15 cases/7 days, 2nd: 6 cases/3 days, 3rd, 4th, 5th: 12 cases/5 days each)

At 8:10 am, all the participants put on Juntendo’s scrubs to observe the live demonstration in the IVO room. Every time a case was completed, everyone moved to the waiting room, and the students discussed with Professor Shiina before returning to the IVO room for the next case. We conducted live demonstrations of 3 cases (1 case of RFA, 2 cases of new generation MWA) in the morning.

During lunch, the students participated in the department of gastroenterology’s conference “Hospitalized patient presentation” and accompanied Prof. Shiina to the “Ward round”.

In the afternoon there was a lecture on “Principles of Ablation (RFA & MWA)”. After the end of the lecture, we did the planning for the 3 cases scheduled for treatment tomorrow.

At 17:30, this day full of students’ enthusiasm for a full-fledged training program finished.

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