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1st International RFA training program finished!!

Since we have been organizing Japanese training programs for many times, we always had had an idea to organize this international training program. However, when we actually decided in August the date to organize the international training program, we could not imagine facing such a lot of hurdles. For examples, in order to accept doctors from abroad to Juntendo university., they need to submit 10 documents such as application form, copy of passport, employment certificate, and so on. Especially, to require the submission of the immunization record for 6 diseases: measles, mumps, rubella, varicella, hepatitis B, and tuberculosis seemed to be excessively difficult. Therefore, we were a little afraid to have very small number of participants and decided to set minimum required participants as 5 doctors (We accept 18 doctors in domestic training programs). However, soon after we announced this program, we had more than 10 applications, and finally we accepted 13 doctors. (Unfortunate enough, some doctors actually could not participate in the program because of the application procedures.)

Before starting, we did not take this international program easy. We were worried about accepting doctors from different countries for seven days. However, we found out we were worrying over nothing. All the participants were punctual, never absent, and friendly enough to have a wonderful week without any unexpected troubles.

Actually, the training program was quite intensive with full of contents. Every morning, participants got together at 8:15 and stayed whole day in an RFA operation suite or a lecture room late until 6 pm. They observed in total 15 RFA cases directly during the program. In addition to the live demonstration of RFA, we had planning sessions, ultrasound examinations, and treatment evaluations using contrast enhanced CT for all cases treated. We also had nine lectures including mini-lectures by young doctors. We, staff, were exhausted and we could imagine the participants had had quite a tough week. At the farewell party on the final day, when we said “No more 8:15 tomorrow”, all the participants laughed uproariously. They looked relieved.

Looking back on the program now, we think the first international RFA program was a great success. Thanks for every participant for being very positive and proactive. On top of it, we think this program could not be managed without hard works from all the people involved in this program. We really appreciate their help and understandings. We are now planning to have next international program in February. Looking forward to seeing you next time!!


1283 group photo かこいや前


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