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13th Domestic IVO training program: Welcome Dinner

At the end of the first day of the 13th Domestic IVO training program, Prof. Shiina and the participants gathered around a delicious dinner in an Italian restaurant.

After a short self introduction, the training participants were handed a printed paper with the training program traditional four questions:

“What is your impression of the IVO Suite? What is your impression of Tokyo or Ochanomizu?”

What is your impression after participating to theprogram today? What differs between your method and Juntendo method?”

“What are the future possibilities for RFA and MWA in your opinion?”

“What is needed for young doctors to take interest in RFA and MWA?”

Participants were invited to answer to at least one of them, rising many interesting opinions and ideas.

Moreover, various comments were made on the results of the SURF trial.

The main objective of the training program might be the transmission of knowledge and techniques, but another important objective is to facilitate networking among doctors equally interested in minimally invasive treatment.

In this sense, this was a very fruitful evening, presaging of an even more fruitful Training Program to come.

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