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葉月の会 2019

先週の火曜日は、短期留学生として半年間チームに加わる台湾からのHsin-Yi Chen 先生と、3人の短期研修生(フィリピンのBrylle Caesar Ang Dala先生とJohn Mark Katindig Torres先生、シンガポールからのSamantha Zhen Li Lee先生)を迎えて「葉月の会2019」を実施しました。



On Tuesday last week doctors and staff members from the department got together to welcome 1 collaborator  (Dr. Hsin-Yi Chen from Taiwan who will stay for 6 months) and  3 clinical observers (Dr. Brylle Caesar Ang Dala and Dr.John Mark Katindig Torres from the Philippines, and Dr. Samantha Zhen Li Lee from Singapore) who will stay for two weeks, from August 5 to August 16.

The welcome dinner was held at a Japanese style restaurant near Ochanomizu station. The 4 new members of the team enjoyed the delicate Japanese food and unique atmosphere of a Japanese work related gathering.

We hope these two weeks will be fruitful for our 3 clinical observers, and we are looking forward to 6 months of collaborative work with Dr. Chen.

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